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Loyalty Card Terms & Conditions

Collecting Credit

  1. You must spend at least £1 to qualify for credit. The amount of credit issued may vary between purchases.
  2. You will receive credit on qualifying purchases in centre only.
  3. Credit is awarded at a rate of 2p for every £1 spent. These rates can be altered by Cotefield Nurseries Ltd at any time.
  4. Credit cannot be collected on Food Products, Gift Vouchers, National Garden gift vouchers, Delivery Charges, Charitable Lines and also purchases in Oaks Coffee Shop. Cotefield Nurseries Ltd hold the right to exclude certain products from time to time as notified.

Spending Credit

  1. We reserve the right to make any product at any time exempt from the scheme.
  2. When you make a purchase using your loyalty card, this credit will be deducted from your card.
  3. To spend on your loyalty card simply select your products and inform the cashier that you would like to pay with your credit. You may only redeem up to 90% of the transaction using your credit.
  4. Credit is not redeemable on purchases from Oaks Coffee shop or on National Garden Gift Vouchers, Gift Vouchers, Food Produce, Charitable Lines and Delivery Charges.

Returning Goods

  1. If you decide to return a product we will deduct the credit from your loyalty card that you collected when you purchased the product.
  2. If a product that you have purchased with credit is faulty please return it and the credit spent will be reapplied to your card on presentation of a valid Cotefield Nurseries Ltd loyalty card and receipt.

Customer Loyalty Card

  1. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of Cotefield Nurseries Ltd Loyalty Scheme terms and conditions.
  2. This card is issued by and remains the property of Cotefield Nurseries Ltd which reserves the right to terminate the scheme, decline issue of cards, withdraw or cancel credit collected at any time.
  3. The credit on the card is non-transferable.
  4. Members who have been shown to abuse the scheme or attempted to abuse the scheme in any way can be removed at anytime at the discretion of Cotefield Nurseries Ltd.
  5. If you forget your loyalty card credit can be added retrospectively if you visit the garden centre and produce your original receipt and loyalty card within 30 days of purchase.
  6. The terms and conditions of this scheme can be altered at any time. You can get a copy of the latest terms and conditions by asking in store or visiting
  7. In the event of withdrawal of the loyalty scheme, Cotefield Nurseries Ltd will not be liable for any financial loss accrued by a customer in the form of credit.
  8. If a card is lost, stolen or damaged we can replace it and transfer your old credit balance for you.
  9. Credit can only be redeemed on presentation of a valid Cotefield Nurseries Ltd loyalty card.

Data Protection Statement

  1. Cotefield Nurseries Ltd will not sell, share or offer personal information about any loyalty scheme member to any third party for any purpose.
  2. Unless you state otherwise Cotefield Nurseries Ltd will contact you with offers and information about products, services and events of interest to you.
  3. The loyalty member agrees that responsibility of updating personal information and address/contact details is entirely with them.